The People’s Treasury Trust, ‘The People’s Treasury’, and/or ‘TPT’ is: an exclusive private trust that acts for the benefit of the real parties of paramount interest – whose governing body is an exclusive and private cooperative society – herein referred to as: “the Society”.

The People’s Cooperative Society of Equity is simply private – it is not ‘secret’. This means that this exclusive and private Cooperative Society was bourne of the trusting hearts, trusting minds and trusting spirits of real solvent men and real solvent women of Sovereign and self-determined consciousness. These men and women have come together on the unceded land in ‘now-time’ to traverse their efforts between private-equity and Public-fiction for the end result of: Relief, by way of mastery over any and all Remedy.

For the sake of explicit clarity, the format of the assembly of the real men and real women is not for Public consumption nor is it an assembly of juristic/juridical PERSONS created by any religious organizations. Our private Cooperative Society Members are ineligible for Public conveyance – which means that the Res of their Corpus is foreign, does not qualify for, nor is in accordance with any and all Acts of Canada, including but not limited to the Bank Act of Canada or the Canada Cooperative Credit Associations Act S.C. 1991, c. 48.

If One can not cognize nor comprehend this declaration, please remove One’s self from trespass, breach, encroachment or further liability.

If One has been referred here by an existing Member, please pass forward through this link here: The Society.

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